Un km más, un obstáculo menos para sanfilippo


One More kilometre, one less obstacle. 

Stop Sanfilippo Foundation

Fundación Stop Sanfilippo nace en 2012 con el objetivo de fomentar la investigación sobre este raro síndrome de componente genético y cuya degeneración física y cognitiva impide a los afectados y a sus familias disfrutar de una vida normal.

Al ser aún una enfermedad sin cura ni tratamiento efectivo, apoyamos a las familias proporcionándoles ayudas para la realización de terapias paliativas, compra de material ortopédico, respiro familiar y atención psicológica. 


In 2020 due to Covid 19, we are left without our famous IX Edition of the popular Stop Sanfilippo Madrid Race.

Now in 2021 we do not want anything to stop us and we launch our challenge "One more km, one less obstacle for Stop Sanfilippo". You can add km where, how, and with whoever you want. Runs, walk, on skate, by bike. Through the mountains, the beach or the city. Alone, with friends, or family.

The benefits will be entirely destined to cover the needs derived from the disease and to continue investing in research projects.

How it works


Inscripción abierta hasta el 29 de September


Descarga la App Kinendu


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Registration will be open until July 30.

Download App kinendu

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1. Once your registration is formalized, you will receive an email with the personalized number (number and name).

2. From the start of the virtual race on July 1 and until July 30, you will be able to register your sports activities.

3. You can participate from anywhere.

4. You will receive a digital certificate with your solidarity participation.

5. You will see your personal and group classification.

6. Record your activity with the Kinendu App or synchronize your favourite Clock or App.

7. Share a photo on your social networks with #KmporSanfilippo and we will create an image gallery with all the photos on the Ekiphos platform.

8. If you have difficulties or doubts to register km, contact races@kinendu.com


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