We add kilometers for education


We want to pay tribute to teachers around the world who travel thousands of kilometres to reach schools in remote villages without internet access or transport.

Join us in our solidarity non-race! Get out there and add yor kilometres!


We are a Development NGO created in 1992 by the Teresian Association, which is committed to a transformative education that generates active and committed participation in favor of justice, gender equity, and social and environmental sustainability. We foster values such as coherence, caring for people and the planet, equity, co-responsibility, participation, solidarity and transparency in our actions.

Why join us?

Today, millions of children and young people around the world have been affected by the effects of the pandemic. Many have not yet returned to school, others will never go back to school, and the most disadvantaged do not even have access to education.

InteRed´s international delegations and our partner organizations are working to continue promoting access, permanence and learning for children, youth and adults.

This time, security measures do not allow us to participate in the solidarity races organized in schools. However, we will continue to run individually, adding kilometres for education with your friends and family.

By participating in the race you will be:

- Helping InteRed work for education in impoverished countries.

- Being part of a conscious, active and mobilised citizenship together with other families.

- Transforming our world to end inequality and rights violations.

Join us!

How it works


Inscripción abierta hasta el 30 de May


Descarga la App Kinendu


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Download Kinendu App

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1. Once your registration has been formalised, you will receive an email with your personalised race number and name.

2. From the start of the race on 1st May until 15th May, you will be able to register your sporting activities.

3. You can participate from anywhere.

4. You will receive a digital certificate of your participation.

5. You will see your personal and group ranking.

6. Register your activity with the Kinendu App or synchronise your watch or favourite App.

7. Share a photo on your social networks with #Estonoesunacarrera.

8. If you have difficulties or doubts to register km contact carreras@kinendu.com

If you have any question contact to carreras@kinendu.com

Download MINI-GUIA to register KM

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